Air Stopwatch Speed LCD Dashboard Heads Up Display HUD Plus for Tesla Model 3/Y Accessories


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Version A:
  • Exquisite Design: Just place HUD at the air conditioner outlet, which doesn't block the sight nor take up much space, with ultra-high-definition LCD screen synchronizing with the driving computer, you can easily view the real time driving data.
  • HUD for Tesla Model 3/Model Y: Helps you focus on driving while you can easily get more real-time data without looking down at the dashboard, making your driving safer and avoiding traffic accidents and driving problems.
  • Smart HUD Display: More real-time information can be displayed, including vehicle speed, gear position, turn signal, battery and parking display.
  • Easy Installation: Non-destructive installation, hidden wiring, will not damage your Tesla Model Y or Model 3, please refer to our speedometer installation video before using, the installation can be completed in 10 minutes.
  • Anti-fog and Waterproof: Use High-quality Hardware and Waterproof Glue to Avoid Circuit Damage from Moisture. It can Prevent Water Fog and Ensure Clear Data Display, Stable and Reliable.
Version B:
  1. Size: 7.7*2.5*2.6inch
  2. Comparison: The upgraded HUD is much bigger and more comprehesive.
  3. Multi Function: With fatigue driving reminder/speed time/mileage/100km acceleration test/dynamic code table/driving status/breathing light, the HUD is more comprehesive and fashionable.
  4. Data on interface: Not only can show the speed, lights, turn signal, but also grear, seat belt, electricity, door status and automatic parking status.
  5. Compatible with: Model 3/Y all years