Sunshade for Tesla Model 3 with Foldable Uv/Heat Insulation Cover

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  • Upgrade Design: the Update sun shade window roof comes with sunshade net+silver coated cord. Fit Tesla Model 3 2021. Sunshade net can be applied separately, you can enjoy a certain sunshade and skylight at the same time. The silver coated cloth must be used with a sun shade net, which is fixed to the net by straps and installed between the sunshade net and the skylight.
  • UV Protection: This sun shade equipped with Reflective Covers, which can reflect sun away from your car interior, UPF50++ block 99.9% damaging UV rays. Protect you and your kin's skin and health.
  • Lower Temperature: Upgrade roof sunshade silver coated cord can effectively isolate the heat outside the skylight window and lock the cold air inside the car.
  • Excellence Material: Polyester fabric, environmental protection, no smell, the surface is exquisite and smooth, durable. Roof Buckle designed specifically for Tesla sun shade model 3, made of heat-resistant material to provide stronger support. Let the installation become simple and interesting, firm and stable.
  • Easy Collection: The sunshade for model 3 glasses adopts the memory steel frame, strengthening performance after a heat treatment. Convenient storage. When be taken out of the storage bag, can return to the initial form instantly.