LED Logo Projector Puddle Lights 2 Pack for Model 3/Y/S/X


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  • Product upgrade: Replace the previous plastic back cover with aluminum parts to increase the heat dissipation area. The pin and plastic parts are integrally injection molded, so the pin is not easily deformed. 4 buckles are designed to replace the previous 2 buckle solutions, and the structure is reinforced to avoid loosening.
  • Easy to install: No drilling, no wiring, no damage to your car. Installation is very simple, directly replace the original car door lights with few minutes.
  • Material: Made of high temperature resistant transparent flame retardant material, it is safe and stable. Low power consumption and long life.
  • Benefits of installation: When you get off the Tesla, Puddle Light T logo can let the owner see the walking path and avoid water.
  • Note: Make sure your car has original door light at first when you want these logo lights for replacement lights. Choose the right version that will fit your car.