Rear Trunk Side Organizer Sorting Bins Storage Boxes 2 pcs for Model Y 5 Seater / for Model 3 (1 pc)


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  • Custom Design: The rear cargo compartment side storage compartment is customized for Tesla's Model Y. Perfectly compatible with the Tesla y 2020 2021 2022 2023. There's also the left storage box for Model 3.
  • Extensive storage space: The storage case can be used separately to store wet, dirty or small items, such as umbrellas, running shoes or car repair tools. The matching carpet liner expands space in the cargo area, prevents items from rolling out of deep grooves, and keeps your Tesla Model trunk tidy and organized.
  • Easy to install and clean: The Tesla Model y storage box can be inserted directly into the groove without tools. They can also be easily removed for cleaning or access.
  • Anti-collision and misalignment: the two rear racks fit tightly in the side grooves to avoid movement or road noise. High quality TPE material to reduce collisions and protect the items in the box
  • Note: They are only available for 5-seat y-type. Pls do pay attention to the variations and pick up the correct one for your car.