Trash Can for Mustang Mach E Garbage Bag for Back Seat Accessories with Hanging Magnetic Buckle Waterproof 2021 2022(1 Pack)


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  • Multifunctional: Custom design for Mustang Mach E. Not only for storage garbage but also be used as a storage bag for mobile phones, drinks and snacks.
  • Portable Design: The product hardly takes up space because of the switch design. Just hang it behind the front seat and enjoy its storage space and cleanliness.
  • Waterproof & Leak Proof: it is made of high-quality leather and waterproof materials to ensure the isolation of automobile garbage, the penetration of liquid and the cleanness of the interior of the automobile.
  • Intelligent LED light: LED light is installed on the top of the garbage bag to remind you to close the garbage bag, avoid the diffusion of peculiar smell, and provide lighting for you to accurately put garbage in the dark.
  • More magnet: There are 4 powerful magnets to ensure that the garbage bag will not be opened due to the vibration of the car, so as to ensure that the garbage will not dirty your car.